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Evan Scott Cabinet and Furniture

Our Approach

For the last ten years I have tried to build furniture and casework that reflected my own values.  My love for woodworking started with a love of nature, having grown up fishing, camping, and hunting throughout Michigan's upper peninsula.  When I went away to school I fell in love with literature, philosophy, and music.   This appreciation of art and history has helped form my personal aesthetic, as well as my business philosophy.  We often refer to the "harmony" between materials, between the pieces and their intended space, and between  utility and cost.  Looking at each project as its own unique composition helps us maintain interest in our work, and resist the temptation to limit our products and services to those most profitable.  I think that it is far more interesting to run a business that depends on the ingenuity and diligence of craftspeople, as opposed to a more lean, factory approach.   Often times, we are competitvly priced, but offer far more craftsmanship  and personalization between similar products.  This is the benifit of staying small and having engaged,  highly skilled employees.  

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